The Cherry Pie Did It

Who doesn’t need a shot of a model killed by apple pie? This one was photographed in the alley behind the studio. It’s always fun for the folks at Five Guys (our next door neighbors) to watch one of our photo shoots.

Everyday people

ASAE Career HQ

ASAE wanted to feature “nonmodels” on its CareerHQ ads so it commissioned FIREBRAND to shoot six models who had an “everyday people” vibe. Scott’s dad was a perfect candidate and was excited to come in for a shoot. He did a great job and was featured in many of the CareerHQ pieces. What a guy!

Tennis Anyone?

MathCounts wanted an original poster for 2008. FIREBRAND designed a custom label and photographed more than 200 tennis balls rolling free on the tennis court. (We quickly became pros using those tennis ball hoppers to retrieve those scattering balls!)


The Washington, DC area is full of interesting photo opportunities. One of Sandy’s favorite places to take pictures is Arlington National Cemetery. She always walks by the same section to see whether the hero stones are there and they usually are. One of these hero images adorned a cover of FRA Today.


Good stock photos are hard to find. As a result, FIREBRAND isn’t averse to taking its own. Luckily there are a lot of diverse models in the Washington, DC area who are willing to help out. Here’s Jay jammin’ to the latest sounds in the studio.