Putting the pieces together

Data Impact Solutions

DIS was a start-up that needed an identity. Actually, they needed two: one for the company and one for their mobile platform product, Mosaic. FIREBRAND worked closely with the company founder and president in identifying the message, vision, and direction of the brand. The project was unusual in the fact that we were simultaneously developing both a corporate identity and product brand. The color palette brought a consistent look to both projects. In addition to letterhead and business cards, FIREBRAND designed the mobile app and website for Mosaic. In the end, we brought together all the pieces into one happy family.

A star is born

Climate Heating and Cooling

This is the story of Roy the penguin. Roy started out as the mascot of this HVAC company in 1961 and yet, after 50 years of loyal service, no one showed him any respect. Oh sure, you would see him on the corner of an envelope or slapped on the side of a truck, but he felt unimportant; a mere afterthought. FIREBRAND went to work to reinvent his image — to make him relevant again. First things first: Roy’s appearance was a bit too dated; he needed a makeover. After some nipping and tucking he was ready for his close-up and he got plenty of them. A new-look Roy took center stage on all of Climate’s materials: letterhead and presentation folders. He dominates the company’s envelopes now and you should see its trucks! With his new tag line, “For the science of comfort, trust the penguin,” and his star role as lead ambassador for Climate, he’s instantly recognizable and no one can ignore him anymore.

Some spring in their step

ASAE Springtime Expo

The ASAE Springtime Expo is the largest and most comprehensive one-day show in the association industry. A must-attend for meeting planners to book meeting sites and learn about new products, services, and technologies. A new look was needed for a span of two years and FIREBRAND was tapped to develop a new, exciting concept for the expo. The client wanted young, exciting, spring-like imagery. Neither pastel color schemes nor flowers and bunnies were to be included. We presented many options and the winner was a collage of professionals jumping across the page. The active imagery gave a sense of dimension and motion that translated into the show itself. Posters, ads, direct mailers all featured one or more people leaping to attend the conference. A lenticular postcard animated the models on the cover and helped bring a new dimension to the usual mailers of the past. Animated banners reinforced this look on the Web and emails. Attendance at the event definitely put a spring in ASAE’s step.

Bakery rising

Gold Crust

Gold Crust bakery needed to transform its complicated and outdated logo into a simpler, more adaptable one and introduce new bag designs for its line of breads. FIREBRAND created a new logo and then developed bag designs that married old-world quality with modern-day appeal. We assigned color codes to six different breads to make them easy to identify and improve the packaging’s appeal. Then we combined warm, hearth-toned colors and distinct typography to create a package that is as inviting as a warm loaf, fresh from the oven.

The business of government


IBM’s Business of Government division awarded FIREBRAND its publication contract, which involved producing more than 25 reports a year and a twice-yearly magazine. IBM needed a firm that could provide quick turnaround, accurate production skills and writing and editing services. FIREBRAND met all of those requirements but this client needed even more. Its outdated brand needed to be refreshed. We developed an updated look for both the reports and magazine while continuing to reflect the sophisticated but business-oriented perspective of a federal government audience. Six years after the roll-out, the brand is still going strong.

Setting course

Fleet Reserve Association

The Fleet Reserve Association (FRA) represents all current and former enlisted members of the U.S. Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard. Brought in at the beginning of the marketing concept, FRA asked FIREBRAND to develop a unique and comprehensive brand that would distinguish the association as the voice of these enlisted personnel. We worked with the FRA to develop the tag line “Your Mission – Your Voice” and from there we created the overall look and feel based on a set of strong but flexible graphic standards. Rather than the usual shots of service members in uniform, FIREBRAND set out to deliver a visual that all members of the sea service could relate to: a ship’s wake. This unconventional identifier as the anchor for all its subsequent collateral helps FRA to stand out from the crowd. Since implementing this updated brand, FRA’s recognition among its targeted audience has increased, but more importantly, so has its membership. All hands on deck!

Sweets success

Lille Patisserie

A small bakery with big ideas and limited budget, Lille gained recognition as a deluxe patisserie with special talents. FIREBRAND was enlisted to create, from scratch, a total brand package that helped focus Lille’s target market and define its audience. We were also asked to recommend proper communication channels, develop its identity, and produce packaging, signage, stationery, Web site, and marketing collateral. We delivered the entire package in time for the company’s very successful grand opening. Lille is enjoying success and looking to expand. We’re expanding in a different way (too many free samples).

Take back the power


The National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies’ (NICET) brand was being bullied. Employees made the brand fit their needs without permission or oversight. The resulting inconsistencies were giving the institute a black eye. Our brand audit revealed several variations in the way the brand appeared throughout every form of communication. The most serious discrepancy was the seemingly random use and placement of the NICET logo. Many versions of the logo existed and, in a few instances, its appearance was distorted. The typefaces for each header were not uniform and no standardized typeface guidelines had been established. The placement and style of the logo, organization name, contact information, and website url also varied from piece to piece. We provided NICET with a set of graphic standards that included proper logo usage, an approved typeface library, an expanded color palette, and other brand guidelines. This involved the redesign of all of the company’s stationery and forms. We also produced other marketing collateral to help roll out the new brand. Now, all of NICET’s products and promotional materials are recognizable at a glance, making them and the institute more recognizable and professional looking while emphasizing the organization’s emphasis on accuracy and attention to detail.