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ASAE Career HQ

With the goal of becoming the of the association world, the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) commissioned FIREBRAND to revise its CareerHQ brand. Two audiences were to be targeted: job posters and job seekers with an emphasis on encouraging diversity. ASAE wanted to tell a story, one that clearly conveyed each individual’s unique reasons for changing positions or filling a key vacancy. The advertising campaign we developed features a simple yet sophisticated look, using individual profiles to tell the story of job seekers and posters. We conducted custom photo shoots to control the imagery style and produced vivid, creative writing to deliver compelling stories that could be told in three short lines. A two-tone color palette distinguishes the job seekers and posters categories while allowing the individual to be front and center on the ad, right where every candidate and employer wants to be.

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Fleet Reserve Association

When the Fleet Reserve Association (FRA) needed to update its magazine, Naval Affairs, it looked to FIREBRAND for a fresh new approach. We began by rebranding the magazine FRA Today, followed by a total overhaul of the layout and design. We rethought and reorganized all advertising and editorial sections. The magazine’s readability increased as did its audience. FRA Today is now the Fleet Reserve Association’s most effective marketing weapon.