The Library is Open

The Reproducible Training Library is one of HRDQ's largest products, so much so that it required its own site. The goal was to describe the product in the simplest terms possible. The bright colors and imagery FIREBRAND developed for the site keep the message simple. And the light-hearted copy and bold graphics keep the site approachable. The site is mobile-friendly meaning this library is always open.

Wordpress-ing Deadline

IBM's Business of Government division was in a tight spot; their corporate site was broken and the latest issue of their magazine was delivering in a week. A quick call to FIREBRAND resulted in a Wordpress site devoted to the magazine. From the first contact to delivery, the project was completed and launched in 10 business days. Not recommended but impressive none-the-less. Now their site is optimized for mobile, something they didn't have in their previous site, and supporting the magazine's launch.

Hot and cold

Climate Heating and Cooling

Climate needed to update their old website to reflect their new brand style. They wanted a clean and airy site. The result meets those criteria. The site was designed to be a welcoming and friendly introduction to Climate. The long-term plan is to make this site a resource for homeowners to find answers to their HVAC questions. The blog area will be the heart of the site driving traffic and increasing Climate’s thought-leadership position in the world of HVAC.

See service

Fleet Reserve Association

The Fleet Reserve Association (FRA) asked FIREBRAND to update its website. FRA was founded in 1924 to benefit enlisted sea service (U.S. Navy, Marines and Coast Guard) personnel. The association’s mission remains the same but its website shouldn’t. We based the new look we created on FRA’s brand but refreshed the color palette and reorganized the architecture. But FRA also wanted our sense of design to combine with its internal programmer’s requirements. Together we worked to create a site that met both of this client’s goals: an updated and easily maintainable website.

Training the trainers


HRDQ, an HR training and development solutions provider, needed someone to rescue its WordPress site. The company’s first attempt turned out to be an expensive debacle. FIREBRAND stepped in to offer design and layout expertise. We streamlined the interface, standardized the sliders, and made the various site elements more cohesive. We managed to pull all of this off with minimum impact on an already maxed-out budget. The training wheels are off and the client is going solo!