Step 2: Create a Big Mess

It always looks worse before it looks better. At least that’s what you say to yourself when it looks like a tornado has hit your new studio.

We pulled up the carpet and the old tile underneath it. And when I say we, I don’t mean the royal “we.” However, I do mean the royal “we” when I say we took down the walls to give us one big open space. It’s exciting and scary all at the same time. It’s always nerve-racking to start any project in a 1930's building because you just don’t know what you’ll find. For example, we thought we were on to something new by putting a door into the kitchen. Turns out, there was door there before. The header and cutout was underneath the drywall all along. That was a pleasant surprise.

We have some fun design ideas for the space, so stay tuned.

Step 1: Take the "before" pic.

I always forget to take the "before" pic when I start a major project. Not this time, sucker! You see, we are expanding our photo studio into a multi-purpose venue. When it's completed we will have 1,000 square feet of open space with 10' ceilings and lots of natural light. The site will host photographers and visiting artists.

FIREBRAND will soon launch a series of seminars in the new studio for anyone interested in: model photography, paint and sip nights, natural lighting vs. studio lighting, chalkboard lettering, photo-retouching, post-production, and more. Watch the studio transform here and stay tuned for more details.