More than one way to skin a catalog

When HRDQ approached us to redesign their catalog it became one of our most collaborative projects to date. HRDQ worked with us to develop a focus group of clients so we could gather information and opinions on the state of the existing catalog and what would improve future experiences. This provided a foundation for the design and layout of the catalog. The audiences' priorities became ours. The layout was designed to be light and airy. This improved legibility and provided the reader with the information they valued most and the space to find it. Topics were recategorized and recombined to reduce their number. The catalog went from 60 down to 40 pages. This reduction allowed HRDQ to focus reader's attention on the products that were most relevant to them. The result, more than a year after implementation, was a 17.5 percent increase in their average order! The costs of production and postage went down, orders went up, and together we helped HRDQ reinvigorate their sales.