A star is born

Climate Heating and Cooling

This is the story of Roy the penguin. Roy started out as the mascot of this HVAC company in 1961 and yet, after 50 years of loyal service, no one showed him any respect. Oh sure, you would see him on the corner of an envelope or slapped on the side of a truck, but he felt unimportant; a mere afterthought. FIREBRAND went to work to reinvent his image — to make him relevant again. First things first: Roy’s appearance was a bit too dated; he needed a makeover. After some nipping and tucking he was ready for his close-up and he got plenty of them. A new-look Roy took center stage on all of Climate’s materials: letterhead and presentation folders. He dominates the company’s envelopes now and you should see its trucks! With his new tag line, “For the science of comfort, trust the penguin,” and his star role as lead ambassador for Climate, he’s instantly recognizable and no one can ignore him anymore.