The future looks bright

Resources for the Future

Resources for the Future (RFF), an environmental research organization, has an eye on the future but knew its magazine, Resources, had one foot in the past. RFF asked FIREBRAND to help give Resources a new look, reduce production costs and make the magazine as accessible and relevant in digital version as it was in print. We began by developing a layout grid and style sheets, providing a color palette and element library, and resizing the publication. The resize from an oversized magazine to a smaller journal would allow the in-house designers to fill space more easily while transforming Resources from a relatively “light” read into an influential scientific journal. And the journal’s the smaller size reduced printing and postage costs. We also recommended co-mailing to further cut expenses. Working in tandem with the in-house editor and designer, we handed off the templates and brought Resources up-to-date with ease. After we completed the magazine redesign RFF asked us to continue the new look to its annual report and a study that was being produced in-house. These additional pieces reflected the new style sheets and some of the visual language but used a different format to distinguish these materials from the new magazine. The report and annual contained imagery that juxtaposed natural elements with environmental issues. The designs are clean and open, making the many facts they contain easier to digest.