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The National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies’ (NICET) brand was being bullied. Employees made the brand fit their needs without permission or oversight. The resulting inconsistencies were giving the institute a black eye. Our brand audit revealed several variations in the way the brand appeared throughout every form of communication. The most serious discrepancy was the seemingly random use and placement of the NICET logo. Many versions of the logo existed and, in a few instances, its appearance was distorted. The typefaces for each header were not uniform and no standardized typeface guidelines had been established. The placement and style of the logo, organization name, contact information, and website url also varied from piece to piece. We provided NICET with a set of graphic standards that included proper logo usage, an approved typeface library, an expanded color palette, and other brand guidelines. This involved the redesign of all of the company’s stationery and forms. We also produced other marketing collateral to help roll out the new brand. Now, all of NICET’s products and promotional materials are recognizable at a glance, making them and the institute more recognizable and professional looking while emphasizing the organization’s emphasis on accuracy and attention to detail.